Client: Tomorrow’s Engineers
Project: Careers resource pack

Aura Creative were briefed on producing engaging careers materials that educated, enthused and encouraged young people to consider a career in engineering.

Client: Teach First
Project: Summer Institute Impact Conference

Teach First is a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to end educational inequality and create a world where no child’s success is limited by their background.

As the finale to a two week residential training course for teachers about to embark on their first teaching job through Teach First, the Impact Conference is a 2 day event for all teachers throughout the country to network and collaborate with forward-thinking peers. With over 85 business and education exhibitors, and 130+ plenary sessions to attend it’s one of the largest events for teachers in the country.

Aura Creative created a whole new identity and visual style to work across all the 2015 collateral, from small promotional web banners, posters through to large scale event branding, all emphasising and communicating a sense of community, belonging and help teachers realise the impact they can have on pupils lives.

Client: Institution Engineering and Technology
Project: IET Faraday Branding and Resource Materials

IET Faraday provides free teaching resources for science, design & technology, engineering and maths. Aura Creative branded IET Faraday and rolled out the brand on to a range of teaching resources including classroom posters, information sheets, events banners, leaflets and also the collateral for IET Faraday Challenge days.