Internal and Stakeholder Comms


Client: Verifone
Project: Internal Comms Campaign

After having gone through a repositioning excercise and merging with another company, Verifone needed to communicate new and correct product names to their staff. Aura Creative helped by creating a campaign using a graphical image of a diamond reinforcing the idea of ‘clarity’ for the staff and ultimately for the customer. A flow chart, a product wheel and computer banner were created to communicate the correct information.


Client: CFA UK
Project: Annual Report

Aura Creative designed an annual report that illustrates CFA UK’s successes through bold use of colour, clean, concise layouts and a striking infographic, reinforcing the Society’s reputation and presenting their extensive impact throughout 2015 in an engaging way. Easily navigable tabbed pages also communicate how CFA UK’s 19 volunteer committees benefit the Society.


Client: Pulsant
Project: Annual Report

Bringing Pulsant’s past year to life, the stylish design and quality print finish of this annual report made it the perfect tool to highlight Pulsant’s achievements and share their mission and vision.