Sales Enablement


Client: Pulsant
Project: Customer centric cloud launch

Cutting through the ‘cloud’ clutter with a new offer in a crowded marketplace required brand differentiation embedded and communicated by all areas of the business.

Educating and supporting sales teams in a customer centric approach, linked to the core brand strengths and customer need, followed by technical detail, changed the conversation. This approach engaged smaller businesses and DMUs where cloud benefits were unclear and technical detail was daunting and proved a barrier and was carried across literature including partner packs and data sheets.

• Higher sales conversion rates vs. other products.
• Increase in partner referrals.


Client: Schindler
Project: Tender submission app

Delivering tender submissions in a format as innovative as the content.

A stylish delivery box opened to reveal a ‘self-activating’ tablet, giving immediate impact.
Corporate videos and ‘talking head’ introductions set the scene before going into the tender detail.
Intuitive file navigation gives swift access to all relevant documents for on screen reading or download.
Embedded analytics provide insight into each user journey to identify interest areas and improve future submissions.
A simple back-end management system allows all content to be updated and indexed inhouse for easy, last minute changes right up to the deadline.

• Positive prospect feedback on new format, creating differentiation and a perception of ‘innovation’.
• Reduction of paper based submissions.


Client: Verifone
Project: Digital sales support

A complex service portfolio and broad customer base, combined with a mixed ability sales team, in both experience and technology, required a sympathetic, flexible and ownable solution.

Iconography supports quick to digest stats and statements and intuitive navigation. The simple ‘3-point’ structure clearly guides or quickly supports.
Use of PowerPoint format allows easy adaption and addition of slides by the sales team.

• Swift sales team adoption and continued use and adaptation.
• Unaided use at exhibitions and events with data capture ‘bolt-on’.