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06.24 : Aura Brand Launch Showreel

Take a look at our new brand showreel. We’ve refreshed our brand mark and created a new brand personality; kaleidoscope images made out of things that make Aura, Aura.

CFA Recent work

04.24 : CFA Brand Guidelines

We were tasked to develop comprehensive brand guidelines, templates, and sub-brands for CFA. Our objective? To ensure these resources are user-friendly, facilitating the establishment of a cohesive visual identity and tone across all literature, social media platforms, and marketing collateral.

04.24 : Zivver website product pages

Zivver tasked us with assessing the design, structure, and layout of their website’s new product pages. We thoroughly examined the UX and flow, crafting designs along with assets like illustrations and animations to enhance engagement for both existing and potential customers.

02.24 : Abbott Diabetes Care: YouTube Adverts

To support the FreeStyle Libre system real-time glucose monitoring campaign we created a suite of YouTube adverts of varying lengths from existing content and new voice over and music. From Script and storyboard to video ads – we can make your story more moving.

01.24 : Aura Creative

Aura Creative’s Top 10 Membership Retention Strategies.

12.23 : Institute of the Motor Industry: Annual Report

We crafted a style for the IMI’s collateral using icons and ‘call out’ squares and was used for their 2023 downloadable annual report. Click here to see the interactive report.

11.23 :  TD Synnex: Creative artworking

TD Synnex is a global technology partner. We were asked to help localise multiple market documents, reports and presentations. Our studio and quality check process swung into action designing and amending layouts and delivered close to one hundred documents across 11 different languages with i’s dotted and t’s crossed.

2023 : Royal College of Surgeons: Every Body campaign

The Royal College of Surgeons launched a winter appeal to ask members and the public to raise funds to update the bank of Surface Anatomy Imagery to reflect ‘real life’ bodies for educational purposes. We launched the ‘Every body’ campaign though a multimedia campaign including flyers, digital ads, and social activity.


2023 : Zivver: Freedom to Focus campaign

Across the last year we’ve animated, posted, created, quoted, designed, digitised, localised, templated, specialised, supported, emailed, advertised, and presented across the Zivver business and all touch points and are now advising on how we grow and develop into 2024.

08.23 : Aura Creative: Video Blast

Take a look at our engaging video and animation content. Could we bring your brand, product, service and story to life?

02.23 : Get Ground : Website redesign

Get Ground is an innovative modern service that makes property services a breeze. Rapidly growing the next challenge was to refresh their website to match the new evolving products and company.
Taking an evolution approach rather than a revolution we created a route forward based on initial internal design developing it to a new style and visual effects.
Colour themed, icon signposted, simple sectioning along with some wonderfully animated illustrations delivered the home page to lead the site and with every pun intended lay the foundations for continued building of the brand and company.

If you need help with your building blocks come to someone who will help, guide and inspire you.

01.23 : Aura creative : Our Showreel 2023

We bring your brand, product, services and story to life. Take a look at our recent work!

Awards Ceremony

09.22 : British Chiropractic Association : Repositioning Project – brand architecture and identity

Aura Creative were appointed to consult and deliver on this major strategic repositioning project to highlight the professional standards of BCA Chiropractors and ultimately help the millions of people suffering with MSK issues in the UK.

Extensive consultations engaging key stakeholders, BCA members and wider healthcare professionals, along with a series of working group sessions, industry surveys and research, combined to differentiate and communicate the ethos of the BCA as ‘the home for chiropractors who put patients first’. A new brand architecture, visual identity, guidelines and toolkit were all developed.

The success of this highly recognised repositioning project culminated in the BCA winning the ‘Best Professional Body of the Year’ award at the prestigious Memcom Excellence Awards 2022. Aura Creative’s team were delighted to be invited to join the BCA team in receiving this major industry award.

07.22 : Purrform : Trade Marketing pack

To support Purrform’s trade stockists, we developed a marketing pack that would give everything needed to attract and engage potential customers, helping them to stand out from the competition. We created a sales aid, in-store-signage, and a customer leaflet. Engaging an audience doesn’t just happen online.

06.22 : Castles Technology : Web Refresh

With events and exhibitions starting to open back up, we were tasked with the development of the new Castles Technology EMEA website.

This operation started with an in-depth assessment of the existing site UX. Our efforts were focused on repurposing the current content, creating a new tone of voice, product imagery with an overall simple but sleek design.

03.22 : Abbott Diabetes Care : UK TV Advert

To support the YOU CAN DO IT campaign in the UK, we created a TV advertisement to highlight the new alarm feature available with the FreeStyle Libre 2 system, and a 14-day free trial.

We localised Global footage making it ready for the UK market. We helped develop a new script, recorded an English voiceover and managed the full approval process, putting the advertisement through the appropriate broadcast clearance services such as Clearcast and Peach.

02.22 : Aura Creative : Our Showreel 2022

We bring your brand, product, services and story to life. Take a look at our recent work!

01.22 : Mambu : Marketing Suite Refresh

Mambu is adding a breath of fresh air to banking. Driving change through the platform of technology is only the beginning though. A dynamic, forward-thinking fintech company needs a brand and interaction that isn’t the homogenous banking or technology blue of legacy or stereotypes.

Given a palette and a work in progress guide we transformed the look and feel of Mambu’s existing resources and new documents. Keeping a hint of existing brand but splashing colour, effects and layouts to give a clear visual update yet evolving the brand as the marketing team desired.

To add creative, thoughtful design to your marketing collateral contact us today

12.21 : Klarna : ‘Tis the Season to Give One campaign

A B2B direct mailer with a twist. Last year, we decided to do our creative mailers a little differently. We felt it was important for Klarna to give back in any way they could, which lead us to ‘Tis the season to give one. We sent this mailer to retailers as their Christmas gift from Klarna, which included a £25pp Give One gift donation which could either be put towards fighting climate change, protecting forests, oceans or protecting wildlife.

010.21 : Klarna : Natural History Museum Event Flyer

As part of fintech company Klarna’s 2021 campaign ‘Old Credit is History’ Aura Creative created a unique flyer that could be used at their Natural History Museum event.

The campaign highlights the antiquated credit model that many consumers are still using and show how services like Klarna are the modern age.

We worked alongside Klarna and a historian to pull together a timeline of money history. From seashells to cocoa beans, credit cards to Klarna! See the gate fold leaflet we created using Klarna’s core campaign imagery on the front and on the inside developed a historical timeline of money in chronological order. We made sure our flyer was fun, engaging but also factual. We wanted consumers to walk away feeling like they knew a little more about the evolution of money.

To add creative, thoughtful design to your campaign contact us today

08.21 : Mambu : North America brochure

We were tasked with revamping Mambu’s current brand guidelines to reflect the shift in modern day banking, ahead of their new branding launch.

Mambu’s latest feature, the North America brochure, was created in the new brand style. The brochures have been designed to appear sleek, simple, and modern for both desktop and online viewing. We have explored and challenged the relationships between the use of abstract cityscape images, icons, and bold colours.

Other pieces include: B2B reports, accreditation certificates, brochures, podcasts, whitepapers and social media content.

To add creative, thoughtful design to your campaign contact us today

07.21 : Klarna : Influencer whitepaper

We’ve created a stylish guide with Klarna’s latest brand assets and refresh. Our design embraces the new style beautifully delivering a uniquely Klarna publication. Often seen as just design the content works seamlessly with the imagery and layout for both appropriateness and impact. Featured in Campaign here

To add creative, thoughtful design to your campaign contact us today

03.21 : Pharmaceutical remote detailing : IQVIA Certification

We proudly announce that from March 2021 are now an IQVIA Certified Marketing Agency! Which means we can produce salesforce e-detailers to help optimise remote interactions and improve sales force productivity for our pharmaceutical and healthcare clients.

Contact us to create an e-detailer for your sales team.

01.21 : UK Cyber Security Council : Brand Identity

Our challenge was to create the brand for The UK CSC that clearly defined who The UK CSC are and what they offer, focusing on four main pillars: Professional development, Outreach & Diversity, Professional Ethics and Thought Leadership. Working closely with the workgroups and stakeholders we developed and promoted the brand for launch including: Visual identity and logo, comprehensive brand guidelines, the tone of voice, creation of brand strategy and designs for print and digital assets.

Need a new look for 2021? Contact us.

11.20 : Aura Creative : Our Showreel 2021

We’re proud to launch our showreel giving you a short preview of the work we’ve delivered for our Clients this year. Take a look!

10.20 : Aura Creative : 10 Top tips for hosting virtual events

While face-to-face events and conferences are on hold, many businesses are considering how they can deliver a long-lasting brand experience via the confines of a screen.
We’ve compiled our guide to building brand engagement and getting the basics right. Download here.

If you’d like help with planning or creating a toolkit for your next virtual event, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today!

09.20 : Abbott Diabetes Care : Children’s e-book

Jumpy’s First School Trip is a fun, educational, and colourful e-book designed as an aid for healthcare professionals and carers to help discussions with children who have diabetes.

Need to convert existing material in to digital content? Contact us today!

08.20 : Purrform : Social media campaign

We’ve created a ‘rawsome’ toolkit of assets to use for social and e-marketing for our brand new Client Purrform, raw cat food company.

To create your purrfect social campaign contact us today.

06.20 : Klarna : Pitchside ad

The Klarna pitchside Ad was shown across several premiership games with one goal in mind, to boost awareness within the male demographic about the world’s leading ‘Shop now, pay later’ service.

Influenced by Klarna’s latest ‘Sneaker Heads’ campaign, our shoelace animation was eye-catching, bold and engaging.

See how we can we give your marketing activity a kick!


05.20 : The Royal College of Surgeons : Covid-19 crisis comms

Within weeks of the covid-19 crisis emerging, we worked quickly with the Royal College of Surgeons to produce a range of social posts promoting awareness of the help and support available to members along with a PPE report.

Do you need a social toolkit to use to reach your audience? See more animated social content here via our ‘infomations’ portfolio site.


05.20 : Klarna : GQ Advert

The Klarna GQ Ad ran for two quarters in the year. Our aim was to take a “less is more” approach and include some of Klarna’s unique imagery. Our choice of visual generated curiosity and aimed to disrupt the reader whilst boosting overall brand awareness to the male target audience group.

See more of our campaign work.


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