Royal College of GPs

#TeamGP Conference Exhibition Design

For the fourth year running, as part of the RCGP Annual Primary Care Conference & Exhibition, our brief was to design a welcoming space that would place the members and their stories at the forefront, encouraging interaction and the sharing of common experiences.

On approaching the stand area, visitors were greeted with an ‘impact wall’, brought to life with real-life member imagery. Visitors could interact with the wall by scanning a series of QR codes with their phones, to read and listen in to the personal stories of the ‘featured members’, as well as accessing the #TeamGP Perspectives series, a collection of peer-to-peer conversations and interesting perspectives on all things general practice. ‘Selfie boards’ also encouraged visitors to share their pictures of the conference on social media, whilst other boards were used as ‘pin boards’ for members to have their say. Two animations were also created to run on a loop in between talks on the screens positioned on either side of the main stage area.

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