Recruitment and renewals


Client: Royal Pharmaceutical Society
Project: Membership renewals campaign

Key benefits identified through member research. Content and images tailored by sector: community; hospital; industry; academia; primary care.

Tailored leaflet, lift letter and ads using personalised language recognised the member as the heart of the organisation. Membership card visual offered a tangible connection between the individual and the benefits of membership.

• 45,000 members reached.
• 94% renewal, maintained and grown from 2011 to 2016.


Client: The Institute of Civil Engineers
Project: Member Material Suite

Engaging members (and potential members) through a fresh look that embraces diverse sectors and different grades, whilst differentiating from other engineering bodies.

A series of photoshoots captured a full range of sector locations and membership levels in a flexible format to ensure representation across any media and material.
The graphic ‘ribbon’ was developed to dramatise how the benefits of membership evolve throughout a career and how other grades may interact and support this journey.
A palette of colours, each associated with a membership stage, helps signposting and standout of individual journeys.
Coming together to create an initial suite of materials these elements provide a flexible toolkit of assets to use and roll-out inhouse or externally.

•TBC – Roll-out scheduled for mid-2016.


Client: European Cardiological Society
Project: Membership Identity

4 differentiating, focal benefits (knowledge; networking; best practice; latest science) were identified and prioritise to launch the new ‘direct’ membership at annual conference.

Analysis of member surveys, across specialty and country, uncovered key points of connection and potential ‘solutions’ offered by a relationship with an overarching organisation.
Human imagery differentiated from sub-specialties and suggested a more personal connection and benefit. Each image linking to different combinations or benefits and other members.
Language was refined to be clear and universal for an international audience and, with imagery was used consistently.

Engagement at conference exceeded expectation – approx. 12K of 19K new members directly engaged on stand.