Professional Bodies



Professional bodies were the first Clients to join Aura Creative and many remain with us today. Solid experience and strong relationships allow us to connect with members and join-up internal silos to deliver more efficient, more effective membership communications.
The organisations we work with cover a broad sector base, but the challenge is consistent – find out what truly excites them to make the message relevant then deepen their connection by getting them more engaged and more involved. We call it Creating Brand Belonging™.
A day in the life…
As well as working with membership organisations Aura Creative also support a range of B2B and consumer brands, giving opportunity to share learning from a wide range of campaigns and materials which target members in their every day and in every environment and mindset. Real life insight as to how an individual responds as an employee, advisor, shopper, consumer, to a new product introduction or a complex service explanation, gives a more rounded view of the audience and real impact to our communications.
Membership means more
Your recruitment, retention and renewal cycles; are just the start of the membership journey and of Aura Creative expertise. We support any of the areas your organisation may want to promote: reaching broader audiences through events and exhibitions; nurturing the next generation with educational; engagement and funding; sharing knowledge and supporting development; connecting professional networks; influencing policymakers; promoting use of your venue spaces; engaging internally with staff, volunteers and key stakeholders.

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