Shopper Relationship Marketing


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You’re probably familiar with the brands above. Some you may enjoy yourself. Some may be your shelf mates – sharing the same space and similar challenges to your products when it comes to getting on list, on the shelf, into the shopping bag and into the shopper’s habit.

Working with sales, trade, category, customer marketing and brand teams for these products – and many others – Andy has been delivering shopper marketing long before it became a buzz word, but when it was simply a better way of thinking.

Shopper experience belongs here
Over 12 years in sales promotions, founding the retail and shopper departments within a large London Agency, has given Andy a breadth of experience of both suppliers and retailers, including Morrisons, Orange Shops, Wyevale and Woolworths. He’s also worked within Client Trade Marketing teams for GSK and Cadburys, identifying category barriers and opportunities as well as actively supporting trade sell-in.

Involved in development of some of the earliest ‘shopper pathway’ planning models for some of the UKs biggest brands, Andy now leads shopper solutions at Aura Creative with an approach that is holistic and realistic, from broadcast to buying – a genuine ‘shelf back’ viewpoint.

Shopper Relationship Marketing
Understanding and addressing the differences between shopper and consumer thinking is critical to shopper success. That’s why Aura Creative were first to identify and implement the Shopper Relationship Marketing model, driven by understanding the consumer mindset, when and how this changes to a shopper mindset and the thoughts and decisions that occur and overlap between home, store and different missions.

Your savings – money and time
We’re familiar with the barriers at each stage of the shopper journey and have experience of overcoming them – and the journey with your trade partners before any activity even makes it in store. So, whether you are looking for shopper expertise to support your existing internal &/or external teams, bring your brand thought to the shop floor, or need an end-to-end shopper solution you should checkout Aura Creative.

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